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Falling and Loving [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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In the end,
of all human qualities,
the greatest is sympathy— for clouds even
or snow
for meadows
for the banks of ditches
for turf bogs
or rotten wood
for wet ravines
silk stockings
birds nests
orange flower water
lessons for the flute
a quill pen
a red umbrella
some faded thing handkerchiefs made of lawn of cambric
of Irish linen
of Chinese silk
dog’s blood
the dung beetle
goat dung
a mouse cut in two
In spring the dawn.
In summer the nights.
In autumn the evenings
In winter the early mornings the burning firewood
piles of white ashes
the ground white with frost spring water welling up
the hum of the insects
the human voice
piano virtuosos
the pear tree
The sunlight you see in water as you pour it from a pitcher into a bowl.
The earth itself.


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