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The Four Seasons [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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And, as we listen to the music,

passersby of all sorts stroll through

a solitary young woman walks through with a huge overnight bag
a transient for sure
still in college?

a young woman selling her own handmade jewelry
or T-shirts with stuff on them?

a dog walker with several dogs on leashes

a girl dances with her computer held close to her head
listening to the music that comes to her from her computer

a human statue enters and takes his place
—wearing a sign that says "available" ["available for parties"?]
A while later, the human statue will just drop his pose
when he's grown bored by it
and sit down and have a cup of coffee.
And then maybe he'll join in the conversation,
or maybe he'll get up again and take up his statue pose.

A guy rides in on a bike.
He kicks his kickstand and parks the bike.
Then he turns and leaves.
In a moment he rides in on another bike,
parks it,
turns and leaves,
carries in another bike,
puts it down on the ground,
goes off,
comes back in carrying bike parts,
goes off,
comes back in carrying more parts,
goes off,
comes back in carrying a tool kit,
goes off,
comes back in carrying a sign that says:
"going somewhere?
we can fix it"
and mounts his sign on the pile of ruined bikes.

And an astronaut descends slowly from heaven.]


ASTRONAUT [removing his helmet]

Would you like a coffee?

Thank you.

What brings you here?

I'm just passing through.

ELLEN [at another table]
Isn't everyone?

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