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The Plays

Life is a Dream [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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A light up very slowly on Dawn, entering up left, hanging up her hat on the hook, coming toward the center and downstage, as she speaks:

We were in bed
making love in the daylight
there were sounds of voices and movements around the house
but I was not so attentive to them
I heard him whisper in my ear
—teasing me—
to come again
but this time
be very quiet.

Music on this last word.


Rolling slowly upstage, with music, in contorted torment and


Dawn speaks (underscored with music):

I thought:
My house was collapsing toward one side,
the roof had slid off,
and the whole house was leaning against the house next door, my father's house,
my lover's house
and I thought:
this can't go on.


Piano solo,
while Dawn sits quietly, and the lights come up behind the scrim to reveal the musicians.


Summer afternoon light suffuses stage,
and Dawn slips out of her suit as she speaks:

We slept in the room at the Inn,
there were two fans
bringing air on our bodies
each fan with a different rhythm
he was holding me,
my back up against his body, his stomach
he slept and I listened to his breath in my ear
sometimes it seemed he would stop breathing for a moment
I would pull him closer to me
hoping to hear his breathing restored
and I would have a brief feeling of panic
until I heard him breathe again

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