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Memory Palace [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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a guy enters wearing a crimson prom dress
comes downstage,
enjoys his look,
and leaves

a woman standing
a man throws himself repeatedly to the floor
finally she does, too
but at last she leaves
leaving him to go on until he is exhausted

a woman in a beautiful black dress enters
and paces while she smokes
she is angry, hostile
as though challenging anyone's right to challenge her smoking
or her being there
and, in the end, she just turns upstage and rushes out

little guy in dunce cap walks in and around

another woman in an elegant black dress
with a blood red face
does a wild wild dance
and smears red lipstick all over her face
and then throws herself to the ground on her back over and over and over
she becomes covered with dust
as she kicks and writhes wildly on the ground on her back
like a cockroach frantic on its back

guy on a leash hopping up and down

the charcoal crip staggers out

EDMUND begins to speak before all these actions have finished]

it's impossible for me to go down a staircase without a handrail....

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