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Night (Thyestes 2.0) [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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a piece of way deconstructed music
that makes John Cage sound nineteenth century
from the New Music programming of WKCR 89.9 FM NY

and, after a few moments,
a woman with a giant lightbulb for a head enters;
in one hand, which she holds out to the side,
she carries a large pocket watch

and then,
a clown walks through wearing a clown hat,
carrying a brief case,
hurrying to an important meeting

and then,
at the same time these other things are happening:
an Asian woman appears in a chinky/junky outfit
stands looking out into the audience
and then
after a few moments,
she leaves;
and a few moments later,
she returns in a red shirt with white undies
holding a pillow in her arms
looking for someone
and turns abruptly and leaves
and returns in a few moments,
wearing a white shirt and tie and glasses
like an office worker
—as though she is trying out identities that will be acceptable-
and, again, she leaves

3 women enter together, wearing only underpants
and they are joined immediately
by 3 naked people at the dinner table
— including a couple of naked men
and one woman in evening clothes:
a snapshot of society

the bloody charcoal guy leaves
while all the others are coming and going

they are talking about civilization]

when you think
the progress we've made



well: science

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