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Picasso's Masterpiece [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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[Another friend of Picasso's enters.]

I see this
and I think
you ought to quit.
What are you doing?

If you know exactly what you are going to do,
what is the point of doing it?

You know I don't mean to say anything
that will cause you any sort of disagreeable feeling
and this is only my advice
but I think you should roll up the canvas and throw it away.
This is bad.
This is a mistake.

[Picasso looks at him for a moment
and then speaks.]

I don't know what other people like
but I know what I love
when I walk out of the Louvre
I don't need to turn to my friend and say
did I like the Mona Lisa
what did I like about her?
Did I like her hair?
Did I think her nose was disagreeable?
what did I like?
No, I know what I like.
I know what I love
And so I do what I love
and since I am the world's leading expert in what I love
I can't be wrong.
And then, because I am not from Mars,
there will be two or three other people who will love it, too.

[Then Picasso turns and resumes painting.

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