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The Talking Flower Pots [sample]

by Charles L. Mee

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I know a man who will say I want to take care of you
because he means he wants to use you for a while
and while he's using you
so you don't notice what he's doing
he'll take care of you as if you were a new car
before he decides to trade you in.

The male
the male is a biological accident
an incomplete female
the product of a damaged gene
a half-dead lump of flesh
trapped in a twilight zone somewhere between apes and humans
always looking obsessively for some woman
any woman

because he thinks if he can make some connection with a woman
that will make him a whole human being!
But it won't. It never will.

these cheap pikers,
these welchers,
these liars,
these double dealers,
flim-flam artists,

Boy babies should be flushed down the toilet at birth.


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